Experience Self-Hypnosis that releases a deliberate creator 

( Dr. Robert Anthony) 

Uncover the key that shatters subconscious self-sabotage

(Daphna Slomin, MD, psychiatrist)

Enjoy sleep programming that clears limiting beliefs

(Neurotechnology student, Hale Carlton)

Exercise more blissfully with "Holosync", (a brain tech audio) that clears mental debris

(Bill Harris' free demo): 

Choose Community support that raises energy and (inner) wealth

(Darius Barazandeh) 

For Research

Release past relationship pain to create love safely and courageously

writes author Gary D. Salyer, Ph.D


The mind can believe  itself either well (placebo) or sick (nocebo), writes Lissa Rankin, MD
Focus, amplify, direct your own life energy  for healing,

with Richard Gordon, Quantum Touch Master
Personal freedom  means  becoming who we are,

writes marketing genius Brendon Buchard
A simple process can remove resistance  learned from lack of relationship safety in childhood
 writes Margaret Paul, Ph.D
 Reprogramming the mind benefits from 'belief' coaching, writes author, inventor, Eldon Taylor
ADHD  can be linked to an entrepreneurial brain, writes Laurie Dupar

Experience proactive self-healing (blue link) , sunrise to sunset...

Self-Rejuvenate Home

You have entered the Virtual Day Spa

~welcome to rejuvenation~

Step across an imaginary bridge...
Envision a circular waterfall ...Breathe deeply.
​Allow yourself to be safely and effortlessly drawn to a mentor with whom to network and/or affiliate. 
Whole brain functioning and high performance await you.

Self-rejuvenate at the virtual day spa again and again for a lift. 

Open from Sunrise to Sunset​

Relaxing into the virtual spa is like flowing in alpha brain wave. 

Safely and effortlessly choose whatever creates vital  pleasurable brain chemicals related to your well-being. 

Clogged areas of being, stubbornly resistant to change until now find a way to yield, intuitively.